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Installation Service

Cumbria Dj Store can design and install all sound and lighting equipment in many types of venues.

Our qualified electrical engineer has vast practical experience installing a wide range of quality sound and lighting systems in many venues.

We can also offer to supply on equipment only basis if you wish to install yourself or using your own tradespeople.

Churches and places of worship

We have supplied and installed P.A. Systems in many churches and places of worship, and proper selection of equipment is essential as period buildings are extremely sensitive. Church sound systems can be very simple and unobtrusive, from just a few speakers and a microphone, serving less than a hundred people to maybe a full-blown line array system, offering sound reinforcement to many thousands.
all our installations are carried out with great attention to detail and with maximum respect for the architecture of the building.

Background music systems

Commercial background music systems for pubs, restaurants, bars, retail stores and supermarkets, warehouses and factories, hotels and offices etc. Commercial grade background music systems are designed to deliver a comfortable level of music taking the edge off your customer’s experience and allowing them to relax into their surroundings.
Stylish and unobtrusive 100V Line and low impedance wall speakers create a warm relaxed sound throughout your establishment and for added depth can be used in conjunction with a subwoofer. 100V Line and low impedance ceiling speakers are perfect for environments that require a discreet solution for background music, whilst still retaining excellent sound quality.
IP based loudspeakers are available for use in outdoor areas such as beer gardens, smoking shelters, terraces or even the entrances to your premises, as well as toilets and bathrooms.