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The RGB 3C IR is a basic 3-channel RGB LED controller. It was designed to control any standard 3 channel RGB fixture where channel 1 is Red, channel 2 is Green and channel 3 is Blue. All LED fixtures must be set to run in DMX mode and be addressed to DMX channel 1. The units control panel includes nine direct access “Static Color” buttons, which contain pre-programmed color presets, 3 manual RGB faders so a desired color could be set on the fly, a Program select button which allows for 7 static colors and 10 chase programs to be accessed via the program select fader, a Sound Active button which activates the 10 chase programs to randomly sequence via an internal microphone, an Auto run button also activates the 10 chase programs to randomly sequence while the speed of the chases can be controlled via the Speed fader. The Hold button will lock all buttons and faders and pause the current scene. The controller will remain locked even when power is switched off and on, and finally a Blackout button to bring all values to zero so there is no output going to your fixtures. It’s the ideal control solution for D.J.’s, small night Clubs, and bars that want a simple LED controller to run the show.

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– Compact DMX512 controller for RGB LED fixtures
– 3 Manual RGB Faders
– 9 direct access static color buttons
– Program Select Button
– 7 Static Colors in program mode
– 10 Chase Programs
– Manual RGB intensity control mode
– RGB and Auto modes
– On the fly Speed control of all chase programs
– Sound active Button
– Hold Button to Lock all buttons and Faders and pause current scene
– Strobe Fader
– Blackout button
– ADJ Remote LED RC2 Compatible (sold separately)

Tech Specs: DMX output connector: 3-pin XLR
Power In: 9-12V 300mA (Included)
Power consumption: 3.6 Watts
Size:  22 x 14 x 6.3cm
Weight:  0.8kg


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